Christ took the fallen, sinful nature of man, 4000 years after the fall.

The word "Righteousness" is never used for beings with a sinless nature. I've read of "holy" angels or unfallen angels, but have you ever heard of righteous angels?? Adam and Eve before the fall were innocent and holy, but I've never read they were righteous. I believe they could have developed a righteous character if they had resisted the temptation, but righteousness has become a term that means holiness that has confronted temptation in sinful human nature and has perfectly overcome.  That I believe is what Christ as the true God-man did!

If I give what Christ did for all men it's called justification, and something that is sinless can't need justification.  Another word could be straightening something that is crooked, or correcting something that is unjust.

One who has only a sinless nature would be holy, but could not be said to be righteous. Christ was sinless, but He "took" our sinful, crooked nature and in it lived a perfect life of holiness. This gives Him the title to that glorious name, "The Lord of Our Righteousness." Jeremiah 23:6 What does Jude 24 say He"is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy."

Revelation 12:17 confirms this promise by displaying a people who stand "without fault before the throne of God."

What's the secret of their overcoming??!!  It's NOT a special works program of trying harder than ever before.  It's the recovery of a purer faith than any former generation have attained. They have a realized intimacy of sympathy with Christ.  I'm talking about a heart-appreciation of Him, (heartburn anybody)!!!  When we as a people will take a good hard look at what our Jesus took on at His cross, our frozen hearts will melt, Will have a love of appreciation for what He did for us like never before!!  We will have an honor for Him like never before. Selfish concern, fear of hell, working for a reward in heaven will never be the motivation.  For me, it's all about Christ and Him crucified!!

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses, truly bless you and our church family!